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04. How to register at Lokein

Last Updated 2 years ago

How to Register As A User At Lokein:

  1. At Lokein homepage, tap on “Register” at the top header menu bar. (On mobile, you need to open the menu bar first before you can tap on "Register”).
  2. At the “Register” page, there will be 2 options. The first one will be the “Log In” part which is for the purpose to sign-in to Lokein as a registered user (for users that already sign-up). The second part is the registration part which is for the purpose to sign-up at Lokein as a new user.
  3. Enter your Username, Email Address and your Password. Tap on “Register” to register as a new user at Lokein.
  4. You will be directed to Lokein homepage. A confirmation email will be sent to your email inbox upon successful registration.
  5. Congratulation! you have become a user at Lokein. As a registered user, you can start making purchase from wide selection of items, bid an auction and check-out with ease at Lokein.
  6. As a normal registered user, you have the capabilities to be a seller at Lokein as well by tapping on the link “Register As Seller” at your “My Account” Page under “Dashboard” side bar menu selection.
  7. Click here to learn more on how to become a Verified Seller at Lokein.

Setting up your Lokein’s user account:

  1. Before you make any purchase on an item, bid an auction or make your “diving” in Lokein, please complete your details profile first (e.g. Name, billing details address and shipping address).
  2. At your “My Account” page, tap on “Account Details” at your side bar menu selection.
  3. Key in your First Name and Last Name. Your “Display Name” will be the name shown to other users in Lokein. “Display Name” is set by default following your username and can be changed anytime (only username can NOT be changed forever).
  4. Your email address shown in this page is the email address that you entered during your registration. It can be changed anytime but we recommend you to not change it too frequently for your best user experience in Lokein.
  5. You can change your password anytime depending on your need. Please keep your password in a safe place that you can easily access for your ease to sign-in to Lokein anytime, anywhere. (For lost/forget password, please click here to learn more on how to retrieve your password).
  6. Tap on “Save Changes” to proceed.
  7. At your “My Account” page, tap on “Addresses” at your side bar menu selection to set up your Billing Address & Shipping Address.
  8. Tap on edit either on “Billing Address” or “Shipping Address” to edit your address. These will be your addresses for you to receive your purchases. Both of the addresses can be same or different.
  9. Fill in your details and tap on “Save Changes” to confirm your particulars.
  10. You’re all set! Now, go “dive” into Lokein marketplace. A lot of good stuffs are waiting for you.
*At Lokein, users will be given a separate user profile which act like a social media page. Users can add friend, search users, post a writing and socialize there. At the top header menu of Lokein website, tap on "My Account", at the drop down menu, choose "My Profile" and you'll be directed to your user profile. You can edit your profile there, change your profile banner and change your profile pictures.

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