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09. How To Withdraw Your Money From Lokein To Your Local Bank Account in Malaysia

Last Updated 2 years ago

As a registered seller on Lokein, you can make withdrawal anytime to your verified bank account. Please ensure your bank account already verified by Lokein to complete the withdrawal process. If your account is still not being verified when withdrawal request is made, Lokein team will send notification to seller for verification process or you can click here to learn more on how to become a Verified Seller.
How to withdraw?
  • Login to your Lokein account and go to your "Selling Manager" in the drop down "My Lokein" menu. Under “Home” tab, click “Withdraw

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  • Then you will see the "Balance Available to Withdraw" & all the successful transactions that were made. You can find all the details of the transaction such as Order ID, My Earnings, Charges, Payment & Date.

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  • Click the transaction(s) that you want to withdraw and click "REQUEST" at the bottom right page.

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Note: It will take about 1-3 business days to process the withdrawal to your selected Malaysia bank account. Bank withdrawal fee charge is RM0.50 per request. It is a charges placed by Malaysia bank for the withdrawal process. Please combine the transaction for withdrawal to save charge on the bank withdrawal fee. If you have 3 successful transactions to withdraw, you can combine all 3 transactions and you will only be charged RM0.50 for 3 transactions but if you make a single transaction withdrawal request and you will be charged RM0.50 for each transaction request.

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