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05. Account Safety

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What makes Lokein a safe place to buy and sell?
  1. Our Lokein Money Back Guarantee.
  2. Buyer & seller protection program, all transactions conducted through Lokein are eligible for Buyer and Seller Protection.
  3. All sales are final and no cancellation.
Buyer Protection

Buyer Protection ensures that your purchase is covered in case of problems, such as:
  • You don’t receive the item.
  • The item you receive is significantly not as described.
  • Seller cannot cancel the order and sell the item to other buyer for high price.
Seller Protection

Seller Protection ensures that your sale is covered in case of problems, such as:
  • Item not received. The buyer reports item not received.
  • Item not as described. The buyer reports receiving an item that is different from what seller described.
  • The buyer claims their money back after receiving the item seller sent.
How it works

To be eligible for protection, all sellers must ship to a confirmed address with tracking information. It is seller duties to upload tracking information in the order details for the ease of buyer reference. When applicable, Lokein Money Back Gurantee program entitles you to reimburse the full amount of purchase price of an item plus the original shipping cost, if any, as long as you provide compelling evidence that supports your claim.

Photographic evidence, tracking information, and written statements may be required in order to file your case.

In the rare instance that a claim with compelling evidence is decided unfairly, you can contact our support team for assistance in appealing the outcome.

Outsite Transactions

A common tactic used by scammers is to offer a discount on the asking price to entice users to go outside the Lokein system. Users who attempt to conduct transactions outsite are almost always fraudulent. Making transactions off-Lokein infringe on our terms of service and may not be eligible for Lokein buying protection. For your safety, we actively warn and ban users who attempt to conduct unsafe and off-site transactions.

Cash On Delivery(COD)

Please note that COD are ineligible for buyer and seller protection. If you make a sale or purchase on Lokein, the item must be shipped with tracking information in order to remain protected.

Fraud Policy

We take fraud very seriously. In order to keep the community safe for all Lokein users, the Lokein team constantly monitors the marketplace for fraudulent items and dishonest buyers/sellers. Our Fraud Policy means that anyone posting counterfeit goods, posting items they do not own, or engaging in any other duplicitous behavior will be immediately banned from Lokein. Please exercise good judgment when using the marketplace.

If you do not find what you are looking for, please Contact Us.

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