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04. How do I make payment for my purchase

Last Updated 2 years ago

Shopping Cart & Payment

1. Select the products you want in your Shopping Cart and “Proceed to Check out”.



2. If you have any coupon discounts code, you can insert it in the “Coupon Code” box and click “Apply Coupon”.

3. On the checkout page, confirm your delivery address.



4. Choose your shipping option if the seller provide options for shipping such as Free Shipping, and leave a message to the seller if you have specific details to include.

5. Tap on “Pay Now” and you will be directed to an Online Banking (FPX) payment page.

6. From there please select from the existing affiliate banks and click "Pay Now" go to the next step.


7. You then will be redirected to Online Banking’s checkout page followed by the login into your selected banks to complete your transaction. Once your payment is completed you will be redirected back to the Lokein’s confirmed page. You are now ready to receive your order!

If you do not find what you are looking for, please Contact Us.

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