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03. How to become a Verified Seller

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  • Go to "My Lokein" and from the drop down menu, click on "Selling Manager". Next, click on 'Settings'.
  • Choose & click 'verification' at the top right side and upload your NRIC front copy and your bank statement copy. The details for both of the documents must match.

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  • Note: To confirm your identity, you'll need both a valid bank account statement and NRIC front copy. Please slash the documents and put a note "For Lokein Verification Purpose" on the documents before uploading them. *Blacked out any sensitive details such as account balance.
  • Note: For users that are registered as business entity, the documents that need to be uploaded should be your copy of SSM certificate and your business bank current account statement that match with the SSM document. Documents must be valid and not more than 3 months old.

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Follow the steps below to link your bank account for withdrawal purposes. Once your identity has been confirmed, you can initiates withdrawal of your sales anytime when there is a balance to be withdrawn.
Steps to link your Lokein seller account with your Bank account:
  • Click Settings at your Selling Manager.

  • Select "Payment" and add your Preferred Payment Method to Bank Transfer.
  • Fill in the Bank Details and click save to updates. Note: Bank details you enter which are Account Name, Account Number & NRIC number must match with the documents that you have uploaded in order to get approval by Lokein's Trust & Safety team.

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  • Approval is within 24-48 hours after documents have been uploaded. You will be notified by Lokein's Trust & Safety team after a successful verification process.
    A verified seller will received a "Verified Vendor" badge.

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  • As a "verified vendor", you can make withdrawal of your sales anytime to your bank account in Malaysia.

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