01. How to Register as Seller

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Before you start selling, you'll need a Lokein account. If you don't already have one, you'll need to sign-up and Register as Seller. Please follow below guidelines to proceed with the registration.

  • Go to Home page and click register at the top right page.

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  • Please click "Register As Seller" button at the bottom right page to register as seller.

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  • Please fill all your username, email address, first name & last name, address, store name, contact number & SSM name and registration number (it's optional) if you are registering as a company. A verification code will be sent to your email you entered. Please look at the 2 images below for the guideline.
  • Click "Register" to complete your registration.

  • image

  • image
  • You will be directed to store setup wizard. For much easier store setup, you can choose to setup your store using wizard. However, you can setup your store manually later if you don't chose to. Click here to learn how to setup store manually.
  • Please follow below guidelines to setup your store using wizard.Continue your store setup by adding your seller profile image (logo) & banner. Next please click "Continue".

  • image

  • image
  • Next, is setting up your payment method either Bank Transfer (Malaysia only) or Stripe. As for now, Lokein only offers withdraw method to any local bank account in Malaysia and Stripe payment method. Please make sure your bank account number and bank account name are accurate so that the withdrawal process goes smoothly. Please refer to the image below to enter your details accurately.
  • To accept Stripe payment method, choose Stripe as your Preferred Payment Method and link your Stripe account to Lokein.

  • image
  • Next, setup your store policy and Continue.

  • image
  • Congratulations! you've done setting up your store in Lokein and you can proceed to your Selling Manager by tap on "Lets Go to Dashboard" in the image below to start selling.

  • image
  • You may be asked to verify your seller account to keep Lokein a safest and fun place to buy and sell. Click here to learn more on how to become a Verified Seller.
  • As a Verified Seller, you can withdraw your sale to your any bank account in Malaysia anytime. Please click here to learn more on how to sell at Lokein.

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