04. Selling Manager Features

Last Updated 2 years ago

Manage your shop efficiently at Lokein with our Selling Manager.

Lokein's Selling Manager is a powerful seller tool dedicated & developed to help medium to high-volume Lokein's sellers run their businesses efficiently.

Selling Manager is free subscription service that includes additional features such as gross sales, store fee, order, store analytic, sales report, sales by product, notification, inquiry, store stats, sales report and etc. It is an essential requirement tools for a serious seller to manage and grow their business online.

All those data will be presented in graph, chart & pie chart for optimum and efficient visualisation.


You can view your sales performance, manage your online store at Lokein, add/edit product details, manage your orders & income, view case and dispute, view your sales report, track your income and sales, well equipped with push-notifications, as well as change your store settings with ease at the comfortability of your home or workstation.

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