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12. Selling manager Icons Legends on your Mobile Device

Last Updated a year ago

Lokein website has the mobile responsive interface. Hence, users can view Lokein website on their mobile device such as their smartphones. Below, you can find this icon at the top to bottom page.


Below are the icon's legends on your mobile device interface for Lokein's Selling Manager.

image - Home

image - Inbox

image - Media

image - List Items/Listings

image - New Listing/Add New

image - Settings (You can set your shipping method and shipping fee here)

image - Orders

image - Withdraw Transaction

image - Withdraw Request

image - Ledger Book

image - Customers

image - Sales Report

image - Followers

image - Open Case

image - Auctions/Bidding

image - Logout

image - Notification

image - Inquiry ?

image - Notice Board

image - Knowledgebase

image - Shopping Cart

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